build concrete house

Planning to build a concrete house?

Contents0.1 Forms and reinforced concrete frames0.2 Concrete block house0.3 Precast concrete homes0.4 Insulated concrete forms0.5 Autoclaved aerated concrete1 Building a concrete house from start to finish1.1 Concrete house frame and walls1.2 Concrete house floors2 Conclusion There are multiple options when building a house. Materials like concrete, wood, and metal are used for the frame of …

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Crafting with concrete

Crafting with concrete

Contents0.1 Crafting with concrete is affordable0.2 Cement craft molds are easy to use0.3 Concrete has long history1 Working with concrete safety1.1 Preventing mess is half of the cleaning1.2 Workability of concrete is short sometimes1.3 Concrete is heavy1.4 How to mix concrete safely2 Conclusion With all the materials available today, why would you do your crafting …

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