I’ve been a concrete worker for over a half of my life now. Most of that time has been spent on renovation projects. I started this blog as I wanted to further educate myself, but also leave something for others to enjoy.

I feel that construction work is something where you never truly know it all and there is always space to improve. So far writing this blog I’ve learned a lot about the different sides of working with concrete.

It can be that someone is specialized on concrete pouring or making the forms. Other people make great decorations while others just spezialize in coating.

Personally, I do a little this and that. Lately, I’ve been involved a lot in concrete renovation like balconies of buildings and facades. That means I’m mostly working with concrete repairs, some pouring is done and different coatings are used.

When I work I get to work with lots of materials and I have to say that I don’t always question, just look at the manufacturers’ labels and follow instructions. This blog has helped me to understand why things are done in a certain way.

Anyway, if you want to connect, the contact form is on this page and I’m present mostly on Instagram and sometimes on Twitter.

Matt L.