Welcome to My Construction and Home Life Blog

Hello and welcome! After years of shaping concrete and renovating spaces professionally, I’ve expanded my horizon to this blog—a place where construction meets the comfort of home, covering everything from professional tips to dad’s daily DIY adventures.

About This Blog

My Professional Life

  • Having dedicated over half my life to concrete work, mainly in renovations, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the craft. This blog started as a personal educational journey and has evolved into a treasure trove of construction knowledge.
  • My career took a turn when I decided to pursue formal education after starting this blog, leading me to a role as a production manager at a multinational concrete company. Here, I continue to learn and apply new construction methods.

Learning and Sharing

  • The blog has been an incredible platform for delving deeper into the broader world of construction, beyond just concrete. It allows me to explore and write about various construction techniques, innovative materials, and industry updates.
  • Alongside professional insights, I share personal experiences with home projects—whether it’s fixing a leaky faucet or building a treehouse. These are the daily joys and challenges of a DIY dad.

A Dad’s Perspective

  • As a father, I find that construction and home improvement projects offer valuable life lessons and bonding opportunities. This blog occasionally diverges into topics like crafting with kids, optimizing home spaces for family life, and tackling quick home repairs.
  • It’s about making our homes safer, more functional, and more enjoyable, blending professional expertise with the practical know-how of a hands-on dad.

Join the Community

  • I invite you to join our community of readers who are passionate about building, fixing, and creating. Whether you’re a professional in the industry or a parent looking for your next home project, there’s something here for everyone.
  • Connect with me through the contact form on this page or follow along on Instagram and Twitter for more frequent updates. Here, I share not just work insights but snippets of everyday life and the joyous moments of parenting.

This blog is a fusion of my professional journey and personal life, where every project, whether big or small, enriches our lives. Stay tuned for an exciting mix of construction expertise and dad-driven DIYs!

Matt L.