Why get a cast concrete fireplace surround

Why get a cast concrete fireplace surround

Do you have a fireplace at your home, but it looks a little bit out of date and you’re considering concrete surround for it? Or maybe you’re planning on having a fireplace in your new house, but don’t know which way you will get the most out of it?

To get more information on these questions, I’ve written some common facts about concrete fireplace surrounds. I’ve also tried to get behind the logic of it all and why it is a good choice and the benefits the surround will provide.

In outdoor spaces, concrete has become very decorative and has moved indoors quite successfully. These days, it is not very uncommon to be able to see concrete countertops and flooring in many homes that are high-end.

More than that, some even experiment with bathrooms and furniture so it’s conquering even more space indoors. Most of that is thanks to concretes flexible nature as it can be molded to any form and once it has cured, it is very durable.

One popular use for concrete indoors is in the fireplace. When concrete is added to this focal point in your room, it adds both modern warmth and unlimited possibilities.

Here are some reasons to consider a concrete fireplace for your home hopefully in a logical order.

Why this works

An excellent fireplace complement, concrete is both fire and heat-resistant. It helps your fireplace function effectively by retaining heat. That might be the most important thing in fireplaces that are built for heating, not for decoration.

When concrete retains the heat, it stays warm for a long time. You can think of this kind of like reserving the energy that is spent on having the fire. So if you buy wood for heating, you want one piece of wood to warm your house as much and long as possible for it to be economical.

In this aspect concrete is pretty much the same as tile. 2000 lb fireplace will retain as much heat as 2000 lb tile fireplace. Now the question is what do you want to use and how much space each one would take. Also, nothing stops you from taking the best of both.

By that I mean you could use bricks for the fireplace and concrete for the surrounding. You would benefit from the high density of concrete and fire resistance of the bricks. Seems like a good deal on paper and it’s also used quite a lot.

The ability of concrete to be molded in many different shapes means you can create a fireplace that becomes the main focus of any room in your home as well as a conversational piece. This will allow you to create a modern minimalist piece or a traditional inviting design.

DIY concrete outdoor fireplace can be nice addition to your patio

How it works

Since fireplaces made of concrete can be molded in any size and shape, concrete fireplaces surrounding can have many different looks. Contractors of concrete who specialize in fireplace surrounds will most likely have various molds to choose from and a palette of colors.

Combining the correct mold with the correct hue will help you customize different looks for your fireplace that complement your room’s designs.

There are traditional legs you can opt for which reach up to hold a broad mantle and is great for displaying family photos. You can select a simple, elegant design that has a slender mantle and is enhanced by candlesticks that are contemporary.

You can go for white traditional surroundings that give you the best backdrop for decorative pieces and warm, dancing flames. You can also go for an eye-popping shade that gives your room unexpected appeal.

Now one thing you should know here is that you must have the correct kind of concrete that can handle the heat. Some aggregates might not be able to handle high temperatures and might crumble. Usually, the contractor is aware of things like this, but there’s no harm in you being informed as well.

Where to begin designing

If fireplaces of concrete sound like the decorating solution you have been looking for, you can begin by making a determination of where you will start and how big you want your surroundings to be.

It is important to consider the entire room design in order for you to know how to harmonize your fireplace to the room. There are many modern designs that are conjured by concrete fireplaces, but keep in mind that there are molds that are traditional as well.

Another important point to keep in mind is the fireplace’s function. Is it for displaying photographs on the mantle or for hanging up Christmas stockings? Are you suing the hearth for objects of décor or space for seats?

Knowing how to use the surround of your fireplace will help your contractor know what design to create. Many homes are implementing concrete into their fireplaces both as warmly traditional and as minimal and modern.

You might want to consider using concrete for your fireplace surround since the sky is the limit to the design and color choices.


I hope this answered why to get a cast concrete fireplace surround to your home. I think it’s a nice alternative to brick and tile fireplaces that have been popular for a long time. Concrete furniture can be a nice finishing touch in these rooms as well.

As stated before, concretes flexibility makes it possible to have any kind of fireplace you can imagine. You can also do multiple kinds of finishes for the surface like polish and staining.

When it comes to flexibility, light concrete mixes make it possible to do floating concrete fireplace surrounds and other kinds of work as well. This kind of fireplace surround looks modern and pretty amazing.

You can also achieve great depth and texture with concrete if you’re feeling creative. If you enjoy rough look, you might use the form surface and even plan for it by using certain form materials. Want a certain kind of wood surface? Use it as a form.

Also, concrete itself can be dyed and the list is endless. You could imitate some wood surfaces with pigment and later adding some more color.

The important fact here is that concrete is a low-cost solution that can look stylish. It will have a price tag in the end, but depending on how much you can do yourself, it will get lower.

Also, with fireplaces, it’s good to use professionals who will take proper care of fire safety. Too many houses burn because proper steps were not taken or some important parts weren’t understood properly.