Interior concrete floor designs ideas

Interior concrete floor designs ideas


Are you planning on decorative flooring, but don’t have any ideas how to go about it? Or maybe you have a new business and would like to have some brand presence in the building?

For these kinds of situations, I’ve put up this article to help you come up with new ideas. These are some basic decorations I’ve done and seen on the floors and you can easily build upon that.

If you already have some ideas you can maybe try combining them with some of these or browse deeper on this website as there are lots about decoration in here.

Concrete floor ideas indoors

Now, this guide is meant for some easy decoration. There are guides on this website about polished concrete and stained concrete, but those kinds of floors need a lot of work.

What I want to have here is some easier alternatives to choose from. So for that reason we’re going to stay with ideas that everyone can do.

So we know that choosing the decoration for your floor can be hard sometimes. There are lots of possibilities with different coatings and what can be done with them. Since this site is about concrete crafts, I’ll try to provide some examples that can be done.

Now once you have decided to add a concrete floor to your business and your home, you need to determine what design theme you want to make. Do you want your floor to enhance your business by having a logo designed on it?

Or maybe you want sharp color blocks on the floor design to add zing to your living room? There are many ways of personalizing a concrete floor by using design, graphics, and color as modern concrete floors don’t have to be boring. Here are the examples

Indoor concrete floor ideas

While looking for indoor concrete floor ideas, think about the space and what is its purpose. That can usually help determine what kind of flooring or decoration would be good there.

For a room with a fireplace, something that makes it appear like the center of the room could be a good idea. Or you have big hallways, do something to make them feel special as these spaces are usually ignored.

You can also think if it is supposed to be funny and something that will bring a smile to your guests’ lips or something you want to show off with. If you own a property and invest in something nice in it, it’s OK to show off a little now and then.

Logos can help with branding or showing your support

Logos of your favorite sports team, your business, and your family crest will provide the personal touch you seek. These can be implemented into the floor when it is added or laid for an existing floor overlay.

If you have a proper stencil of your logo, it can be applied in multiple different techniques. Would you like to stain it on the concrete? Maybe use paint or engrave it? Everything is possible with the proper tools and the end results can be stunning.

Geometrics can make your room interesting

Add a touch of color to the large room geometric interest. Concrete floors with blocks, borders, or large stripes done in the room colors are the perfect finish to décor that is modern.

If you have a small room, consider a border of color that contrasts the room perimeter to make it appear larger or add a bit of interest.

If you’re not a carpet or rug person, make those areas with paint or stain. There are more than acid stains around, some penetrating stains can be used to make lots of interesting patterns on the concrete floor.

Try stencils for interior concrete floor paint designs

Stencils can be used for fast artistic patterns

Stenciling or painting faux rugs on your concrete is a whimsical way o fooling the eye. You can warm your pace visually with the ‘look’ of a rug and yet never have to vacuum. This will add a pattern to your room in a quick and easy way.

Or maybe you want the look of patterned tiles all over the floor, which is also possible while having a level floor and high gloss surface. Stencils and stains work really well together and paints can be used too.

Have fun with the designs

If you have a special room that is dedicated to a specific purpose, like a nursery, you can add nice touches to the concrete floor. You can paint a hopscotch game directly onto the floor.

If there is more than enough room, you might want to consider a room border as a way for your kids to learn their ABC’s.

At a game room you might want to have your favorite console logo with good LED lights to make the mood. Or have your favorite character styled on the floor.

Have it complement the rest of the room

Adding concrete floor color extends the scheme of color and ties the room together. One example is the way mottled gold looks in a Tuscany-inspired room. Bright red floors warm up contemporary spaces decorated in white and black.

If your business logo has specific colors, use these on your business office’s floor. This is a great way to promote and enhance your business.

At home, you can look up the color chart and read what emotions each color enhances. Maybe have something soothing in the bedroom and something more passionate in the living room.


Adding concrete color at the beginning of a project is a simple process. Color can be added at a later date as well through overlays and stains if you want to mask minor imperfections and alter your décor.

You shouldn’t limit yourself by this guide either. Think outside the box and do something no one else has thought of yet and make new concrete floor designs for homes.

You can combine logos, geometrics, and stencils into a big unique picture if you want and even bring out some more complex concrete work like staining into the picture.

The best thing about concrete floors is that they are on the cheap end of the DIY floors. Tiles need to be changed, same goes for laminate and vinyl floors.

The concrete you can repaint or grind again to make new designs on it. If you’re concrete is in bad shape, use floor leveling compound and you’re good to go again or follow this guide for how to fix uneven concrete.

That means you don’t have to spend time disposing of your old floors, but can start redecorating quite fast. Just look up some DIY concrete floor ideas and you’re good to go again.