6 reasons to use outdoor concrete furniture

6 reasons to use outdoor concrete furniture

Do you have patio outdoors that you would like to decorate, but don’t like things you have to move around or see trouble cleaning? Or maybe you’re looking for something that looks heavy and stable and you don’t have to be scared of breaking?

Seldom do homeowners think of concrete when shopping for home furniture. Many modern artisans, however, have transformed this gray, dull material into handcrafted, gorgeous tables, accent pieces, and chairs.

Outdoor concrete furniture, like concrete floors and walls alike, can be dyed, painted, stained, and textured in multiple ways. This opens the doors for all kinds of styling that your outdoors might need to make them more lively or stylish.

There are also lots of benefits in using this concrete for creating furniture that is unique for both the outdoors and indoors. Let us go through 6 points open this subject up a little bit.

Concrete is a flexible material

The secret to the ability of concrete to be created in a variety of designs is its flexibility. Few other materials have the ability for concrete to be pliable enough and soft enough to fit into any mold.

You can have a mold that is intricate with an Italian theme that is reminiscent of Tuscany created as a tabletop which you can cover with glass. You can even have a matching concrete divider made, framed with wood, and attached with decorative hinges.

Indeed, the availability of materials, dyes, stains, and aggregate gives you limitless possibilities when it comes to furniture making. You can use heavier aggregates and there are also lighter ones for every need.

That’s right, concrete doesn’t have to be heavy. With correct aggregates and fiber support, lighter concrete structures can be made.

Polished concrete garden table is a beautiful way to decorate

Any shapes can be created

As stated before, concrete is more flexible than pretty much anything that is nonliquid. The material of concrete is able to create any shape just by pouring it into a mold that is handcrafted.

You can make lines and angles in chairs and tables that are contemporary or smooth round surfaces for a traditional, softer look. All you need is to be able to make the forms for them and concrete can be poured.

When you combine designs and shapes with unlimited colors, you will be able to see the reasons why furniture made of concrete can be used to complement traditional styles or themes that are more modern.

Concrete is long-lasting

Whether you arrange your concrete furniture outside or inside, the material is able to last longer than pretty much all your other furniture. Kids and pets will surprisingly not be able to make a dent on your concrete furniture.

You can find concrete used as a material in birdbaths and park benches as well as fire pits. You will also be able to find concrete inside homes as unique chairs and tabletops that are beautiful.

Providing a high-end look to every home, you can buff your surface made of concrete for a high gloss shine or create a contemporary sleek look to your office or living room. Left in a more natural state, your leather sofa will have the perfect complement.

One thing to remember is that while concrete can last thousands of years, the rebar and strengthening structures might not. So when you create concrete furniture, you might try to overcome that. Then you could have something that will last until your grand grandkids want to throw it away.

Concrete is easy to clean

One thing concrete has over many other materials is that it’s very easy to clean. If you have a concrete patio or pavers, it’s easy to wash the furniture with a pressure washer at the same time as you wash the floors.

Concrete in itself is very porous. So if you want to have easy to clean surface, you have to paint it or use some other technique so the concrete won’t get dirty.

After you seal, paint, or use some other coating, it will be easy to just wash of most of the dirt.

Concrete is cheap building material

The best reason is left for the last spot. I like concrete because it’s a cheap material to work with and even beginners can start with it without big investments in tools and such.

80 lb bag of dry concrete is usually under $8 so if you need to make something like a chair, you already have your material covered there. After that, you need to add the cost of making the forms for legs, seat, and back.

For forms, you might use free wood from pallets (those are often given away for free for anyone that can take them away) or buy some plywood. New plywood can cost you, but you might get some used cheaply as well. There is also the option of using other materials to make forms.

Concrete decoration can be as complex as your imagination

There are a lot of different techniques for creating intricate designs on the surface of the concrete. Coffee tables are also able to become the focus of any room with a talented artisan creating a custom-made table for your room.

You will be able to create a unique businesslike look and have your company or home business logo imprinted on the tabletop or the desk and constructed in colors that coordinate with the office.

All of this is a combination of different qualities that concrete has. As it can be formed anyway you want, you can decorate it any way you like. When you take the forms off and let it cure for 4 weeks, after that you could acid stain it, paint it or even try engraving with some tools to make more complex designs.


As a modern trend with possibilities that are unlimited, concrete furniture has great style and durability that will last for years. For outdoor concrete furniture, its qualities are a great selling point.

If you’re like me, a person who likes easy to set up things, concrete furniture might be a thing for you. On the other hand, if you like to change outdoor styling often, it might not be your thing without constant re-decorating.

Whichever is the case, give concrete furniture a chance. Do a little window shopping or consider if maybe you could something yourself. Basic concrete tables and chairs are easy to make yourself.