How to paint pavers

How to paint pavers for cheap decoration


Do you have old pavers laid out on your driveway or walkway? Or you did some garden decoration but aren’t satisfied with the product or color you used anymore.

Garden paths and stone walkways can look amazing, especially when the spaces between are filled with moss or other low-growing plant life. A beautiful path might seem out of reach since flagstone and other paving materials can be expensive.

However, an eye-catching pathway can be made using plain concrete pavers, and it does not have to look ordinary, as paver colors can be changed. They are easy to decorate using standard crafting supplies that are inexpensive and readily available.

Identically, painted patio pavers can be an easy way to be different from our neighbors. That’s why I’ve gathered some cheap patio paver ideas to do something on a budget.

I have been thinking of creative ways to paint and decorate plain concrete pavers. The results can be excellent with these ideas and the time it takes to decorate one of the most inexpensive solid materials available.

Expand upon these ideas, or come up with some of your own.

A beautiful yard does not have to be professionally landscaped or designed. Some of the most impressive properties were designed with creativity and inexpensive supplies.

How to change color on pavers with paint

Begin with a coat of durable bonding primer and high-quality paint when striving to decorate plain concrete pavers. Buy concrete primer and paver paint to withstand the weather and heavy foot traffic.

One for concrete surfaces will usually do, then follow product application directions for best results.

Using a bonding primer for old and new concrete is essential as it will help the paint adhere. The paint might soon peel off with primer, and our trouble would be well-spent.

Painting pavers will be a lot easier after that, as the coating will have something to grab into.

If you’re working with old concrete pavers that have been dug out, it would be good to powerwash them. That way, the old dirt will get off, and the pores of the concrete will be clean for the bonding primer to stick into.

A clean surface is always the best when it comes to adhering.

Use stencils to decorate the painted concrete pavers.

After the base coat of painted pavers dries, use stencils to decorate the plain concrete pavers further. Hold them in place with painter’s tape while sponging or spraying the designs.

Let the paint dry for a minute before carefully removing the stencil and moving on to the next one.

When sponging paint, knowing how much you can apply at once is essential. I recommend starting with some paint on the sponge to avoid getting too much on the stencils, as it can ruin the decorative pattern.

Also, depending on the stencils, if the paint gets on the wrong side of it because of too much paint usage, it’s good to clean it up between pavers. It’s good to pick up stencils that are easy to clean for this project.

How to paint pavers for crafts with sponges

Another creative way to decorate plain pavers is with sponges and concrete paint. Create a pebbled look with three shades of gray or brown and three natural oval sponges.

Remember that you must make sure to use sponges to decorate concrete pavers. They will look compelling and far more expensive than they were from a distance, even if they could be more consistent and perfect.

The sponge is also easy to cut, rip, and bind. One fun way is to rip tiny pieces off and use it as a stamp. The hollow points will be paint-free. It can also be made into a round paint stamp that can go through the base-painted concrete pavers to create a unique look for every stone.

Creative color arrangement ideas

If stenciling and sponging are steps you want to avoid when decorating plain concrete pavers, opt for a unique arrangement instead. For example, paint half of the concrete pavers solid black and the others solid white.

A combination of blood-red and profound black also makes a very eye-catching display.

The painted concrete pavers can then be laid in a checkerboard pattern to create a unique walkway that will look professionally designed. No matter which colors are used, how the concrete pavers are arranged will make a dramatic difference over plain varieties.

It could be a good idea to check the internet for popular patterns to get inspiration. Another way is to play around with the stones in hand to see what looks pleasing to the eye before installing them.

How to remove paint from pavers

How to remove paint from pavers

In some cases, you might have old paint on your concrete pavers. If it’s flaking, removing it might be a good idea.

One way is using a pressure washer; depending on the concrete paver type, it might also leave a mark on the pavers, but it will be covered if painted over. There are also paint remover chemicals available.

Another way is mechanical grinding, like an angle grinder, but it’s a dusty job without proper equipment. The third way could be using paint thinner/acetone, but if there is a lot of paint to be removed, I wouldn’t recommend that.


If you are looking for a cost-effective way to enhance the appearance of your outdoor space, then painting your pavers can be a fantastic option.

Pavers are typically made to last long, and concrete without rebar can last for generations. Therefore, instead of discarding them, you can redecorate them and save your money for other home renovation projects.

Decorating pavers can also provide you with a great opportunity to change their outlook. Even if they are still functioning well and looking good, giving them a facelift can add a fresh and new look to your outdoor space.

It’s always refreshing to have a little change once in a while. So, why not take advantage of this easy and affordable option to give your outdoor area a new and improved look?