How to remove paint from concrete

How to remove paint from concrete

There are times when you are painting and have accidentally gotten paint all over your concrete. You might think that there is no way to get the paint off, but really there is. This article will run you through how to get paint off concrete, that accidentally went onto your concrete, as easily as possible.

As most people know, standard hand-scrubbing does not work and you might feel like giving up. Lucky for you, there is an alternate method to hand-scrubbing that works. There is also an article about another kind of stains that might interest you here.

Using pressure washer for concrete

If you have paint stuck on your concrete you might want to think about pressure washing the area. The high water pressure that comes from pressure washing is the most common method for getting paint off of concrete. This pressure washing method is done for concrete that is outside and also this method does not work well on stronger paints like epoxy.

You can buy a pressure washer at any local hardware or home improvement store. You can also consider renting one for a day at a renting center or local home improvement store. If you have a big job to do, you might just want to buy one. They are only a couple of hundred dollars, compared to renting one if you do not know how long the job will take you. It’s also good to have one for cleaning the yard etc.

Paint grinder machine is good for rough paint and dirt on the ground

Using paint grinder machine

Also, if you are trying to get paint off of a concrete surface that is outside, you can try using a paint grinder machine like a floor grinder with a diamond wheel. This method will leave scrapes behind and should only be used if you are going to go over the concrete with something else. You’re going to need a construction vacuum as well because the dust will be everywhere.

If you do not mind having scrapes on your concrete from the grinder, then you can try this method. It is very effective and might be a better choice if you do not have the money to rent or buy a high-powered pressure washer.

That being said, using a grinder for removing paint is a skill as well. You want to have a level a surface as possible when you use it. It can easily leave marks from the diamond wheel if shaken or pressed too hard.

Using paint stripper for concrete

Another very common method of getting rid of the paint on your concrete consists of you buying chemical stripping agents. Soy-based stripping agents are the best to use because they are the safest. Also, these are nontoxic and the soy-based stripping agents are also some of the easiest agents to use to help remove the paint.

The stripping agents come in a gel, and you can use the gel on the same area over and over. You will probably have to because you have to repeat this process a number of times to get all the paint off of the concrete. The stripping agents are good to use because you can get them at any home improvement store. They’re reasonable in price, but again, you will be doing this longer than if you were to use a pressure washer.

You just apply the gel to the concrete area where the paint is and let it sit for a while. This helps the paint loosen from the concrete. Once it has sat for a while and the paint is loosened from the concrete you then use a thick plastic scraper to take off the paint from the concrete. This process might need to be repeated several times to ensure you have gotten the most paint off of the concrete as you can.

After you are satisfied with how it looks, take a nylon brush and rub the paint out as much as possible. There should only be particles of paint at this point. Make sure to add scouring powder and water to the affected area of concrete to help you brush the rest of the paint away. To make sure you have the concrete back to normal after the paint accident, you just rinse off the area with water and it should look as good as new.

If you can not get the soy-based stripper, and end up getting a toxic chemical agent, you need to be sure to follow all safety guidelines that are associated with the chemical. Toxic chemicals can harm the environment and also can cause harm to your eyes, your hands, and possibly your pet.

Using shot blaster to remove paint

A shot blaster, which is similar to a sandblaster is another option if you are trying to get paint off of concrete. The shot blaster uses little metal beads to help get rid of paint on concrete, instead of sand like the sandblaster uses. This machine works well with getting paint off of concrete. It usually does not harm the finish of the concrete, although it will look better if you paint over it or treat the concrete after you use it.

The shot blaster can chip your concrete if you use the machine too fast, so you need to go at a slow and steady pace with the machine. The shot blaster can be found at home improvement stores as well as in your local hardware store. It will cost you under a hundred dollars usually. This is a nice option if you have used a sandblaster before and are comfortable with operating a machine where you need time and patience.


Now you should know how to remove paint from the concrete in the typical ways. Be it a mechanical or chemical way to remove paint from concrete, we need to consider if it’s the proper place to use our method. For families with kids or pets, I’d stay away from chemicals. Those things take time and kids get everywhere.

My experience with pressure washers and grinders is that both need to be used carefully. Some hard-surfaced ceramic tiles, if used on patio etc, can handle a rougher wash usually. Concrete or asphalt might be so soft that if you wash it too closely, it will leave a drawing mark from the nozzle. Grinding machines as well take a little bit of skill on soft surfaces, for removing small paint spills its overkill. But if there’s a good pour of paint it might be just the tool for it as other tools will be rough as well.

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