Finding quality stones for landscaping

Finding quality stones for landscaping

Have you ever looked at your garden or walkway and thought that you could have done it better? Or maybe you’re planning on doing it, but can’t decide on decorative landscaping stone?

For the first question I know I have as the materials might have been cheap or the time has just done its duty. For the second question, to be honest, these kinds of questions didn’t cross my mind back then.

That is the main reason why we have this guide here today. I decided to write about it so others can make a little bit more educated guesses.

For those thinking of buying decorative stones for the garden I’ve gathered three choices from the cheaper end, but that also have a tough quality that can last time. Those three options for landscaping are concrete, Indian sandstone, and reclaimed stone. Here is also some tips for buying concrete landscape edging.


A lot of companies that deal with the construction of buildings often have a lot of reasons for wanting to use the best concrete on their projects. One of the reasons that they point out when they choose a superior kind of cement for their projects is the fact that this kind of cement will make the building last longer.

Another valid point that builders make when using the best cement for their projects is that these offer them a smoother finish that makes buildings look a whole lot better.

Using low-quality cement makes a structure end up having more than just an ugly looking surface and an unappealing appearance. They also end up making their buildings vulnerable to the ravages of time and this, in turn, brings about the added expense of having to exact repairs every few years or so.

Companies that manufacture these kinds of cement know that the right quality for the cement to be called the best for use in the building has to come from a combination that includes how it is mixed and what materials are being used in the mix.

The cement that is considered to be of superior quality is made with the best materials and mixed with the use of high-quality cement mixers that then result in concrete that is more than just good for aesthetics but is also strong enough to virtually last a lifetime.

Now, if you are still looking for other stone products to use for your construction needs and home improvement projects, Indian stone and reclaimed stone are two of the options you can contemplate using. These two choices are ideal for those projects that deal with beautifying your building’s facade or for adding some appeal to your gardening ideas.

There are many types of stone for landscaping uses

Indian stone

If you have not heard of Indian sandstone, it is a natural stone that is used for patios and walkways. They got their name from the place that they are imported from, India. It’s a cheaper, and good, alternative for the more expensive pavers.

The utilization of this type of stone for gardens and for pathways lends a certain earthy and rustic appeal that homeowners may want to have for such areas of their home. It’s a naturally veined stone and really quite beautiful.

Aside from its decorative qualities, Indian stone is tough and durable and can last for a very long time even under such extreme weather conditions. This also serves as a huge bonus considering how beautiful these stones are in the first place.

Not only is it tough and durable, quality sandstone doesn’t need sealing and is easy to clean as it is. That being said, it needs to be quality for this to hold true.

Also added to the list of plus factors for these stones is their rough texture which makes them well suited for use as pathway stones. This texture provides the kind of traction that is needed for safe walkway construction.

Reclaimed stone

Reclaimed stone is also another type of stone that you should be glad to use for your decorative projects and construction plans if you are aiming at creating an old-world look for your projects.

Old bricks, reclaimed sandstone and other similar materials that are veritable antiques since they have been around for over a hundred years are what you get when you purchase stones like these.

These old stone materials will definitely add an old world charm to your backyard projects, your patio or your garden. What’s even better, sometimes you find some real treasures when you look for reclaimed stones and people are handing them out free or almost free.

Added to the charming appeal of such reclaimed stone materials are the strength and durability that they possess which are evidenced by their being useable even after decades of existence and these materials will give you more years of service to being the durable items that they are.


The need for high-quality stone for garden decoration that is pleasing to the eye and is durable enough for your buildings is often something builders don’t compromise on. When they do the work is usually something that doesn’t leave you satisfied.

Using concrete and stones that are of a high enough quality to be considered superior will give you a structure that is both strong and aesthetically pleasing. Combine that with good groundwork and your stones will last for decades.

That being said, cheap doesn’t always mean that it is worthless. Plain concrete can last thousands of years, think about ancient Roman structures. The thing is, they don’t have rebar in them which makes them better at standing time.

For that reason, using recycled materials isn’t a bad idea, but maybe something you should seriously consider. If you have a lot of areas to cover and a good supply of reclaimed valuable stones, you could do something remarkable.

When you think about it, Indian sandstone is also a product of being pressured for ages, and reclaimed stone has already lasted its first round of use. Both have history and both have still a lot of distance left in them if we use them correctly.

All of these can work out well in the hands of a passionate landscaper, different types of landscaping stones just brings out different types of results.