4 reasons for waterproofing basement

4 reasons for waterproofing basement


Do you have an unfinished basement that you don’t know what to do with? Or maybe you’re planning to put it on use, but don’t know what you should do before moving in some furniture?

Did you know that a finished basement on your property would substantially increase the value of your house? That is if you treated the basement area like something greater than a room.

A basement, on its own, is nothing but space, walls, and a floor. If you let the room collect dust, smell funny, and breed rats and bugs, of course, the extra value will be non-existent.

Whether your basement is a finished space you enjoy with your family or an unfinished area mostly used for storage, basement waterproofing can help you better protect your home.

Waterproofing basement floor

Finding water in the basement is a serious issue for homeowners, especially in areas that experience heavy snowfall, rainfall, and flooding. Before you can consider waterproofing basement floor, the cause itself has to be handled.

The usual causes of water in the basement are the swelling of both groundwater and surface runoff, and no matter where you live, you might experience the headache of finding water in your basement.

Basement waterproofing is a way to combat the factors that lead to basement flooding. The type of basement waterproofing used is determined by the cause of the problem and ranges from establishing a perimeter drain system to using a dehumidifier.

If you start noticing dampness and also musty odor soon after entering your basement, you could be experiencing the initial signs of water in your basement and should contact a professional to do basement waterproofing before serious damages occur to your home.

There are many waterproofing methods for basements

Benefits of basement waterproofing

Now there are some real benefits to taking care of your basement. Any space in a house has value. If you can deliver that value to the potential buyers, or even guests, you obviously have something more in their eyes.

Increase the space & value of your home

Many people tend to think of the basement as a musty storeroom for junk or a place for doing laundry, and thus may not see the value in basement waterproofing. This is the wrong way to view it.

The basement usually spans the entire length of a house and can be either a third or a half of their house’s total space. This is not a space you should leave to bacteria, seepage, and mold growth, all of which could invade if you do not have basement waterproofing.

The addition of a healthy and usable space in your home boosts its value during resale. Basement waterproofing will ensure that your basement is an asset to your home rather than an unhealthy detractor.

Reduce energy costs with basement waterproofing

Believe it or not, you can actually save on your energy costs through basement waterproofing! As any specialist will tell you, sealing up the old cracks in your foundation through basement waterproofing can boost your home’s energy efficiency.

The basement waterproofing process will stop cold air from entering in during winter, saving you money on heating. Alternatively, during the warmer and wetter seasons, when the cracks in the foundation lead to excess moisture getting in your home, the air conditioner is forced to work harder to clear the warm moist air.

Filling these cracks through basement waterproofing will boost your overall energy efficiency in all seasons!

Avoid serious long term health risks

We are all aware that water and humidity cause toxic molds to grow, but you can be shocked to learn how easily and quickly that can occur in a home without basement waterproofing!

Under the most suitable conditions, toxic mold can grow in as little as 24 to 48 hours. That is scary to know, particularly if you have been letting minor basement seepage go for years. Basement waterproofing prevents many serious health risks that are caused by exposure to mold.

Having some piece of mind

We are all aware of the feeling; that knot in your stomach as the initial claps of thunderstorms rattle your windows. You start preparing the wet-vacuum, mops, and other cleaning supplies.

Wouldn’t it be awesome not to worry about cleaning up your basement after a heavy downpour? Basement waterproofing is then the best solution to prevent stress in a storm.

Remember the day you purchased your home then remember the pride you felt. Remember how you carefully decorated, cleaned, remodeled and furnished it.

Your home is an asset to be proud of. It is an investment. For that reason, it isn’t too bad to see some extra trouble.


By looking for basement waterproofing solutions, you show your investment a little love, increase the value of your home, keep yourself and your family safe from unhealthy mold, and help your peace of mind.

Also, if you put some work into making your basement look presentable, you can get that real value increase. One of the best ways to start this project is to invest in new flooring like epoxy that can also work as waterproofing for the basement floor.

You can also turn the floor into practically anything. As the concrete can be made to resemble brick, stone, marble, etc. This means you can actually turn your basement into another bedroom or lounge room.

In real estate, an extra room is a big news in terms of increasing your worth. All you have to do after the floor is to give the walls some attention and remove the extra stuff. Put in a bed, a dresser, and a few other amenities, and you have a beautiful guest bedroom!

Indeed, basement floors are not to be taken lightly, considering that they rank just behind kitchen and bathroom renovations in terms of real estate importance. Besides, resurfacing concrete basement floors will cost less than creating another bedroom or building an add-on room to the home.