5 step epoxy garage floor DIY makeover

5 step epoxy garage floor DIY makeover


It may be time to give your old, well-used garage floor a makeover. It may have been perfect years ago when you and your wife/husband lived at home. With some kids, pets, and new tools hanging everywhere, it may be time for a change.

After all, not everyone can move to a bigger home at the drop of a hat. The solution to your lack of space is a garage makeover. That’s because garage remodeling is one easy way to integrate additional square feet into your living space.

Just think about it: that space has existed all along, so you don’t have to build anything. You will also be adding value to your home in the long run. Your garage can be turned conveniently into any space you like.

Those spaces include a workshop, storage space, home office, laundry room, or gym. All that is possible simply because you have wiring, heat, air, and plumbing access, and your garage is attached. When it comes to selling your home, you can sell it for a higher value due to the made-over garage.

When planning the transformation of your garage, consider putting in an epoxy garage floor. As you probably know, epoxy isn’t used only for gluing. Fantastic options are available to make your garage floor cleaner, stronger, and more attractive.

Or you may be tired of that plain concrete in your garage. Perhaps it’s been stained by oil, and you think it’s time to straighten it up. Maybe sweeping up salt in the winter is hard on your cracked floor. Regardless of the reason, epoxy floor coating is a cost-effective method to spiff up your garage and make cleaning it much easier!

Begin by preparing the space.

Before anything else, you must decide precisely what to transform your garage into. Next, determine where you will be able to park your cars.

Suppose you live in a climate with weather conditions preventing you from leaving your car outside. In that case, you need to implement storage solutions that will give your car space and all your tools. You can also organize it to have space for a gym, office, or a “man cave.”

If you decide to renovate your garage to create more living room space, go through all the items in your garage and only keep what is necessary. This will eliminate your clutter and free up some space.

Decide on flooring, as epoxy comes in many colors and styles. It is good enough to be used in every living space, even when professionals do the coating.

Garage floors are made of bare cement that probably has cracks and stains. You must cover up the concrete with a brand-new floor system and a coat of industrial-strength sealer. Garage floor coating industries have current developments that have created durable and decorative topcoats.

Many products are on the market for floor coating; I picked epoxy for this article for its resistance to chemicals, water, and mechanical stress. Epoxy is a harder coating than urethane, for example, even if it can compete with it and is better at places with significant temperature changes. So, if you bring your vehicles in for maintenance or other things, the flooring can handle it.

Epoxy floor adds beauty and protection.

For about $150, you can get a kit for a one-car garage that includes a base coat, a topcoat, and color chip flakes. The cost doubles for a two-car garage and triples for a three-car garage. Remember that these are just examples; a lot depends on what you like and how much you want to put into this.

Applying the epoxy coating to the floor is relatively simple. Most people who sell this type of product have directions posted online for how to do it. In case of problems, you should buy from someone who will let you call in for advice.

One more thing: don’t just buy the epoxy floor coating for your garage. You should test your garage for moisture before you get started. The epoxy may not dry well if your garage is too moist. You can save a lot of time, money, and hassle if you find out ahead of time that your garage floor is not well suited for an epoxy covering.

Ultimately, an epoxy garage floor coating will protect you from stains, chemicals, and wear and tear. In addition, it will improve the sale value of your home by enhancing the look of your garage, as it is a lot easier to clean than porous concrete where everything sticks.

Start by doing the epoxy floor coating surface preparation

Five steps for epoxy flooring your garage successfully

As stated before, garage floor epoxy coatings are essential for your garage if you want your floor to look good and last for a long time. It can be as easy as painting a regular floor to apply if you use the right products and follow the proper instructions. You can choose from many options with garage floor coatings, like using flakes on the surface or combining various colors as pros do.

In applying a garage floor epoxy coating, you must never forget the primary step of preparing the surface. This would be about fixing up cracks and filling up holes. One of the leading reasons why a lot of coating fails is the need for proper surface preparation. To be successful in this, you must do the following steps.

Step 1: Some gel acid is needed to etch a solid garage floor. Acid etching is the usual process that even expert contractors do in resurfacing. Liquid acid has always been an all-time recommendation by a lot of manufacturers.

As modern times have come, the gel has been combined with acid to make it easier to roll on the concrete floor. Liquid acids emerged to be more troubling due to their being diluted. Many consumers must know they buy mere water instead of a genuine acid solution.

Step 2: Fix the cracks and holes in the floor. Only buy a crack filler that is thick enough. If it doesn’t inject well into the crack, you will only get to fill the top portion, which is useless. This process is what you call bridging the crack. So, for the best options to use as crack fillers, you need to go for the more modern polyureas.

Step 3: Choose the proper coatings for your floor. Please do not settle for instant home improvement epoxy kits since they would only look good the same day you apply them. It would help if you only went for the high-quality and high-performance coatings to make it last for years.

Step 4: Deal with any moisture issues. It would help if you used some tools to measure the moisture content on the floor. You can place a rubber floor mat or tape plastic on it.

Suppose, after 3 to 4 days, you have stumbled upon some moisture underneath. In that case, it is time you buy a waterproof epoxy, which will be applied first before you use the embellishing system of epoxy. You can also apply a sealer for added protection after applying the epoxy.

Following these steps and choosing the ideal garage floor epoxy, you can make your garage floors look as new as ever.

Step 5: Now, it’s time to do the epoxy flooring. If you want to do the epoxy floor yourself, here is a guide.


After applying the flooring, you can look for organizational systems and décor for your garage. Shelving and cabinets make your life easier, and you may not have to throw out as much stuff as you initially thought you had. Due to the demand of homeowners for their garages, companies have come up with organizational systems, especially for garages.