Tips for buying concrete landscape edging

Tips for buying concrete landscape edging

Are you planning to decorate your garden, but don’t know too much about it and what is involved? Or maybe you’re not too familiar with hiring help to do the labor for you?

For these reasons, I have some guidelines here to help you make a better decision. If you’re interested in curbing and curing times, read the article in the link to get more information on that.

To begin with, not all concrete is the same; this also applies to decorative contouring landscapes. Let’s start by making sure that the definition of decorative landscape is understood.

Decorative concrete landscape curbing is mixed concrete. It’s made on the premises according to customer’s requirements. Requirements such as style, design, and color. You can even add strength to the requirements if needed.

Precast concrete lawn edging

Concrete curbs can be used to create borders between different elements. It creates a clean outlook and with decoration, it can even draw visitors’ eyes to beautiful designs or plants. The best thing about curbing, also known as edging, is that it can be created anywhere giving us limitless opportunities for decoration in the property.

This type of edging can improve and increase the value of the homeowner’s property. It’s part of the well-maintained property image. If the yard is in good shape, it might not be too far to assume the property is as well. For that effect, it needs to be done properly.

Do your research before buying

Before entering into an agreement, the wise consumer will do his/her research on the subject. Most customers evaluate the cost of the product when they shop. Landscape curbing, also known as edging, is not an exception here.

That being said, the cost is one of the many points to be considered. Several other variables should be combined with the cost to come to a well-informed decision. The old saying of “consumer beware” is great advice to follow with this particular topic.

Curved concrete landscape edging

Get estimates from multiple landscape services

Get the estimates from concrete landscape services first and foremost. They’re free; they just cost you a little bit of your time and patience. Just phone or email them and ask questions. You can make good assumptions by the way they handle potential customers. If the service is bad, it’s probably not going to get any better.

Make sure that the final price includes all your expectations. Things like the prep work of the ground (e.g. if you expect any old boundary or bushes to be removed), the footage, color and design of the curb, if the sealant is also included to protect the concrete, and if the worksite and the extra concrete will be cleaned upon completion.

Remember to do contract

Getting the contract right is very important if we run into disputes. With a contract, you can hold them accountable for the work that is supposed to be done. Also, no surprise extras will happen. Here is a guide for hiring contractors if you need one.

Get involved

Ask what mix they’re using and if it’s the best concrete mix for garden edging. This concerns the ratio of sand to cement in Portland. A good, strong mix is 4:1, and you shouldn’t accept less. If you do, you might see a crumbling block a short time later. Also, you might get no help because the curb guy is no longer available.

Also, if the concrete landscape edging is in an area where there is vehicle traffic, insist on adding more fiber. The additional cost should be minimal and it’s better to be safe than sorry with your new curbs.

Check the actual size of the curb and whether it is extruded “high up” on the deck. This method costs more for the contractor as more concrete is used. Then again, it is better for the property owner because the curbing is not easily “swallowed up” by the growing grass and the movement of the ground.

High set-up helps keep it at the top of the ground where it belongs. The nice size of the boardwalk is 4″h x 7″w.

Do a fast background check

It’s also very necessary to examine how long the company has been doing business. Unfortunately, there are a lot of concrete landscape services that don’t stay too long.

All customers like to know that they can call the business back if they have a complaint. Help might be needed at some point so that knowing the company’s track record will at least ease that anxiety. The crew’s expertise goes hand in hand with the company’s length of time in business.

Ask if the company has a picture of their work and/or references. If the pictures can be seen, make sure they are their jobs and not the generic pictures used to advertise the product.

Former work tells a lot about the company

Take a good look to see if the curbing has a smooth, even flow, not waved either horizontally or vertically. Check if the circles are symmetrical. If the design of the stamp is used, pay attention to how it was applied.

Hand stamping is slower for the crew to apply but more artistic. It covers both the top and the front of the edge. Rolled stamping is faster to apply and covers only the top.

If you’re still interested in seeing pictures, ask for references, and then go check them out. Look for the same things listed before. If you’re lucky, you could catch a homeowner in their yard, giving you the perfect chance to ask for their comments about their curbing.


If these indicators are applied, you should be able to make a well-informed decision when considering landscaping. It has proven to be a great timesaver and product if the service is purchased from a trusted company.

You might not want to be too nosy, but let me tell you, there are lots of cheaters on the move. If they are providing proper service, they will be able to show it without any problems.

Also, if you’re interested in some DIY concrete landscape edging, it’s not that hard to try it yourself. Just build small forms where you want to build edging and get a stencil roller for the pattern. It’s pretty much like stamping concrete if you want to read a reference. If you don’t want to stamp, consider buying the pavers you like and installing them yourself.

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