Polished concrete and concrete sealers

Polished concrete and concrete sealers


Are you tired of your old floor? Do you feel like having a better, durable, and maintainable kind of floor? Perhaps your floor becomes dirty most of the time, and you’re tired of washing it all the time.

There is always a solution to whatever problem you have. Due to such problems that are entangled with ordinary floors like getting dirty very fast, polished floors are getting familiar.

Polished concrete

Polished floors are currently used in commercial buildings and residential buildings. There are several reasons as to why these polished concrete flows are considered.

Among the reasons include its attractive decorative options. The other possible advantages include the fact that these polished concrete floors can easily harmonize with the kind of equipment in your house.

Besides the fact that it can easily blend with other home equipment, this type of floor also imitates the look of polished stone making it look sophisticated both at home as well as in your business environment.

Another breakthrough posed by this kind of floor is the fact that they have an aesthetic quality making it durable and also eco-friendly. Several research activities show that the installation and maintenance of these polished concrete floors have positive environmental impacts.

Other advantages of polished concrete include:

Energy optimization

Scientifically, concrete floors have the capability of regulating the heat within a room. They are characterized by absorbing the heat from the environment during the day and release the same when the situation gets chilly at the night.

Polished concrete floors also have a reflective characteristic and thus can save up to 85% of the energy from the sun. The reflectivity characteristic also makes sure that light fixture and energy use is small since the floor happens to gloss very much.

Also, during hot climates, this kind of floor will always reduce the air-conditioning costs. Overally, this results in reduced internal heating or cooling bills.


Polished concrete floors are characterized by strength. With appropriate maintenance, these floors are manufactured to stay for quite a long time.

The ease to clean

This kind of floor is easy to clean. However, it is advised to use eco-friendly products. They never need to be stripped or waxed with harsh chemicals as a way of removing dust and dirt. With their smooth and flat characteristics, it is tough for dirt to stay stuck on the surface of the floor

It is both healthy and comfortable

This kind of floor has resulted in reduced indoor air contamination that has ultimately led to reduced health complications that result from air pollution.

The concrete is made of a tough densifier that doesn’t contain volatile organic compounds. As a result, those who have allergy complications done have to worry since polished concrete floors are made of anti-allergy materials.

What are the right materials for grinding or polishing concrete?

Concrete polishing is a great idea that leads to a healthy in-stream of income to an enterprise or a starting firm. There are numerous tools and machinery that can be employed to make your grinding or polishing job quite efficient.

Though some of the equipment could easily be purchased, others are quite expensive and require a huge sum of investment to buy. With the right policies and mind frame, this business is quite profitable since the market is readily available and flexible.

There are, however, many factors worth considering when selecting the grinding system and equipment for the business. Some of the factors include:

  • Equipment’s power requirements
  • Weight of the machinery
  • The motor size
  • The overall size of the machinery
  • Working dimensions
  • The direction in which the abrasives rotate

According to the above essential machinery factors, one should be able to determine the power requirements of a machine before choosing to purchase machinery.

Either electricity or battery can power the equipment for grinding or polishing concrete. The electric component includes the electric cord unit while the battery may be electric in nature or propane.

Hydraulic motors also drive other equipment. When the machinery uses propane power, it is supposed not to have cords or electrical requirements. On the contrary, the electrical requirements include:

  • 110-volt single-phase electric cable equipment
  • 220-volt single-phase or three-phase cable electrical equipment
  • 460-volt three-phase cord electrical equipment
Sealed concrete vs polished concrete depends on the usage of the surface

Concrete sealers

Sealed concrete can look a lot like polished concrete. It is glossy and durable like polished concrete, but it has a little less life expectancy.

On the other hand concrete sealing is less work than polishing, so it can be expected if you think it like that.

With less work comes faster install time and it’s also highly resistant to chemicals.

Choosing the appropriate concrete sealer

To get the best services concerning particular use, one has to consider buying from a good seller. Several concrete products in the market would suit almost all the projects concerning real use.

As a way of helping clients avoid mistakes concerning choosing products from the appropriate sealers, this article will enlist a number of basic types of sealers in the current market.

Does the sealer understand the type of decorative surface treatment the homeowner is applying?

The homeowner must always check with the sealer manufacturer to make sure that they verify the compatibility of the product bought against the surface for decoration the product should be placed on.

This is because some sealers might interact with coloring agents leading to undesirable side effects like blistering.

Does the Volatile Organic Content of the sealer meet local regulations?

In case the homeowners are having a plan of using solvent-based sealers, they have to make sure that they check for the presence or absence of volatile organic compounds. The VOC content of the product should not always exceed the acceptable levels depending on the location of the client.

It is, however, true that not all solvent-based sealer will have the same amount of volatile organic compounds in them.

What kind of surface appearance does the homeowner desire to achieve?

In case the owner of the floor is looking for some wet look to improve the color finishing, they need to choose a sealer that has a medium amount of high gloss sheen values.

There are several sealers ranges of gloss levels in the market. To boost your color, one can create color washes by mixing acrylic sealers with either powdered or liquid tint. On the contrary, if one desires a shiny look, they can search for film-forming sealers


When it comes to polished concrete and concrete sealers, both have their own qualities. Polished concrete has a lot going on for it, but it takes a lot more work to polish concrete than seal it.

Being more expensive as labour costs, it’s good to consider if the space will benefit from those good qualities. High traffic floor might need a sturdier solution.