How to clean stained concrete floors

How to clean stained concrete floors

Concrete floors treated with an acid stain provide a unique and beautiful finish. However, to keep their beauty intact, regular maintenance is necessary.

Fortunately, maintaining acid-stained concrete floors is a challenging task. It involves simple activities such as sweeping and scrubbing to remove any dirt or grime that may accumulate over time.

In this article, you will learn how to maintain acid-stained concrete floors to keep them pristine.

Cleaning regularly will make it easier.

It may be time for a good cleaning if a concrete floor has lost its luster. While concrete floors are solid and can last a long time, they require some attention if you want them to look nice. Concrete is a porous material; as such, it tends to absorb spills that can create unattractive blemishes on the surface.

When a concrete floor has been properly stained, sealed, and finished, it is easy to clean and maintain. A suitable sealant will keep liquids from penetrating the surface and allow most spills that cause discoloration or stain to be removed with minimal effort.

How to clean stained concrete floors depends on how the concrete stain was applied and, more importantly, whether or not a good sealer was used to create the final finish. An unsealed stained concrete surface will always require more effort to clean than an adequately sealed one.

The porous nature of concrete allows dirt to seep deep into the concrete. Dirt also gets into the grooves and impressions created when concrete surfaces are scored.

Regular waxing will help with the upkeep.

In addition to the standard care, you should give your stained concrete regularly; you will also want to wax an indoor floor occasionally to keep it shiny. When you do, the floor should be clean of all debris and dirt so it does not streak up the buffing process.

For homes or areas with little traffic, plan to wax your floor about once a year. For other areas, such as businesses and retail stores, you must do this more often, even once every three months or four times a year. Waxing it will help protect the concrete and keep it shiny and lovely for many years.

To apply a liquid wax, pour out a puddle of the liquid and mop in a thin, even layer to cover the entire surface. Allow the wax to fully dry, and ensure you do not walk across the newly mopped surface.

The wax will both protect and beautify the appearance of your stained concrete floor. If you want to go the extra step and bring out the gloss on the floor, you can buff the wax surface until it develops a bright luster.

Being consistent is how to clean stained floors

Casual weekly cleaning

To maintain the cleanliness of your home, it’s recommended to start with a simple sweep of the broom. Focus on high-traffic areas, such as the kitchen or entryway, that are more prone to crumbs and dirt.

The beauty of concrete floors is that they require minimal maintenance compared to other types of flooring. Simply sweeping with a broom is often enough to keep them looking great.

For other areas of the house, a dust mop can be used once a week to pick up any dirt or debris that may have accumulated. This helps to ensure that your floors stay clean and hygienic.

Regarding outdoor cleaning, a leaf blower can be a valuable tool for removing loose dirt and debris from stained patios or other concrete surfaces. However, additional effort may be required for more stubborn stains or neglected concrete surfaces.

But with some extra attention and care, you can restore your concrete surfaces to their original look and keep them looking great for years.

Washing the floor

If you want to clean your floor thoroughly, a simple water and soap solution can do wonders. This solution is perfect for mild scrubbing and can refresh the look of your stained concrete surface by removing dirt and grime. 

You can use dishwashing soap or a mild detergent to create the solution and apply it with a soft-bristled brush. While applying the solution, you may need to use a little elbow grease to get the best results.

Once scrubbing, use a bucket of clean water to mop off the soapy solution. If the stained concrete surface is outdoors, you can take a garden hose and thoroughly wash down the concrete slab.

One crucial tip to remember is that a dirty mop can leave your floor looking streaked. For a smooth and shiny finish, start with a clean mop head and rinse it often to keep it free from dirt and streaky grime. By doing so, you’ll achieve a sparkling clean floor that looks as good as new!

Deeper cleaning

For more profound, more difficult stains or dirt accumulations, it may be necessary to use trisodium phosphate (TSP) and a water-based solution. One can also apply an ammonia-based solution to tackle the dirtiest surface.

If your acid-stained concrete is outdoors, you can use a power washer to quickly remove dirt, chips, crumbs, spider webs, and more. Spray carefully; please ensure your concrete is cured before power washing it. If you need more traction, get out a scrub brush and scrub the area with some warm soapy water before rinsing.

Outdoor-stained concrete should be resealed to keep it in good condition. If you notice the sealer is beginning to show signs of wear, be sure to seal it soon.

It is essential to use the same sealant that was previously applied. If you need to know, call your concrete finisher and find out what the company used or did to seal acid-stained concrete flooring. Also, when you apply it, do only one or two coats of sealant, as too many coats can cause the floor to get slippery.


Concrete floors are some of the most durable and low-maintenance flooring options available. They require very little upkeep to maintain a clean, shiny appearance.

To keep your concrete floors looking their best, it’s recommended to sweep them regularly and mop them with a clean mop head as needed. However, for added protection and a beautiful shine, buffing and waxing the floors at least once a year is suggested.

If your concrete floors are located outside, applying a coat or two of sealant will help protect them from the elements.

Additionally, if the concrete is acid-stained, it’s essential to take a mindful approach to maintain the floor’s appearance for many years.