What Color Goes Best with Red Brick: Expert Tips and Ideas

What Color Goes Best with Red Brick: Expert Tips and Ideas

Choosing the Right Color for Red Brick Exteriors

Red brick exteriors offer a timeless and classic appeal to homes. Selecting the perfect color scheme can significantly enhance this natural beauty, creating a harmonious and visually appealing look. The key lies in choosing colors that complement, rather than clash with, the warm tones of red brick.

A close-up of a painter's palette with warm and complementary colors, focused on red brick exteriors.Significance of the Right Color Choice

Choosing the right color for red brick exteriors is crucial. It not only affects the curb appeal of your home but also influences how it blends with the surrounding environment. The correct color can highlight the brick’s texture and character, making your home stand out in the best way possible.

Expert Tips for Color Selection

  1. Neutral Tones: Neutral colors like cream, beige, and gray can beautifully complement red brick, offering a subtle backdrop that enhances its natural charm.
  2. Earthy Greens: Shades of green, especially darker or muted earthy tones, work well with red brick, echoing the colors of nature and providing a serene and inviting look.
  3. Rich Blues: Deep blues can offer a striking contrast to red brick, adding a modern and sophisticated touch without overwhelming the brick’s natural warmth.
  4. Wood Accents: Incorporating natural wood tones through doors, window frames, or trim can add a warm and rustic feel, perfectly complementing red brick.

In this article, we have provided expert tips and ideas to help you select the best colors for your red brick exterior. Whether you’re aiming for a timeless appeal or a more modern twist, the right color scheme can significantly elevate the look of your home, both inside and out.

Understanding Red Brick Undertones

Red brick exteriors are renowned for their durability and timeless appeal—however, the key to truly enhancing their beauty lies in understanding and complementing their undertones. Red brick can have warm or cool undertones, which significantly influences the choice of complementary colors for trim, siding, and accents.

The Concept of Undertones in Red Brick

Undertones in red brick refer to the subtle hues that influence its overall color. These undertones can range from warm oranges and yellows to cool blues and greens. Recognizing these undertones is crucial in selecting colors that harmonize with the brick rather than clash with it.

Identifying Red Brick Undertones

  • Visual Observation: Examine your red brick in natural daylight to note the predominant hues besides red.
  • Predominant Hues: Look for subtle colors that stand out. Warm-toned bricks may have hints of orange or yellow, while cool-toned bricks might show traces of blue or gray.

Choosing Complementary Colors

  1. Warm Undertones: Opt for trim colors in warm neutrals like cream or taupe that enhance the brick’s cozy feel.
  2. Cool Undertones: Select cool neutrals or soft blues for the trim to complement bricks with cooler hues.
  3. Harmonious Color Schemes: Consider earthy greens, rich blues, and versatile neutrals as complementary colors that can adapt to various undertones, creating a cohesive look.

Understanding and complementing the undertones of your red brick can transform the exterior of your home. By carefully selecting trim and accent colors that enhance the brick’s natural beauty, you can achieve a harmonious and appealing color scheme that stands the test of time.

Best Exterior Paint Colors for Red Brick Homes

When enhancing the timeless appeal of red brick homes, selecting the right exterior paint colors is key. Here’s a guide to choosing paint colors that complement red brick, with a special focus on Benjamin Moore paints, known for their quality and rich pigmentation.

Neutral Colors: Beige and Cream

  • Beige or Cream: These neutral colors beautifully complement the warm tones of red brick, creating a soft and inviting exterior.
  • Benjamin Moore Option: Consider ‘Manchester Tan’ for a harmonious beige that pairs well with red brick.

Dark Greens and Navy Blues

  • Dark Green: Offers a classic, timeless look that contrasts nicely with red brick, suggesting shades like ‘Essex Green.’
  • Navy Blue: ‘Hale Navy’ and ‘Old Navy’ are excellent Benjamin Moore choices for a sophisticated and deep contrast with red brick.

Benjamin Moore Paints for Red Brick Homes

  • ‘Cottage Red’: Although it’s red, it can offer a monochromatic scheme that deepens the natural brick color.
  • ‘Patriot Blue’: Provides a striking, rich blue that complements red brick exteriors elegantly.

Key Takeaway on Exterior Paint Colors

For red brick homes, selecting the right exterior paint color enhances the natural beauty of the brick. Warm grays, greiges, classic blacks, versatile whites, and rich blues are highly recommended. These colors create a harmonious balance, highlighting the brick’s character while adding a touch of sophistication. Benjamin Moore’s ‘Cottage Red’ and ‘Patriot Blue’ are standout choices for homeowners looking to complement their red brick exteriors effectively.

A close-up shot of a weathered red brick wall with a paintbrush soaked in warm gray paint poised over the surface, ready to enhance the natural texture and beauty of the bricks.

Warm Grays and Greiges: Enhancing Red Brick Homes

Warm grays and greiges offer a versatile and modern backdrop that beautifully complements the natural, earthy tones of red brick. These colors bridge the gap between cool and warm tones, making them a sought-after choice for both exterior and interior design.

Complementing Red Brick with Warm Neutrals

  • Harmony with Red Brick: Warm grays and greiges provide a cozy and inviting atmosphere, enhancing the rich, warm tones of red brick without overshadowing its natural beauty.
  • Modern Yet Timeless: These colors add a contemporary touch while respecting the classic appeal of red brick, creating a balance that is visually appealing and harmonious.

Benjamin Moore Paint Examples

  1. Revere Pewter: A highly popular greige that adapts well to various lighting conditions, complementing red brick with its warm undertones.
  2. Edgecomb Gray: A softer, lighter greige that offers a subtle contrast to red brick, suitable for creating a serene and harmonious exterior or interior.
  3. Chelsea Gray: A deeper, warm gray that provides a striking backdrop for red brick, enhancing its texture and color without overwhelming it.

Considering Natural Light Conditions

The appearance of warm grays and greiges can vary significantly under different lighting conditions. It’s important to consider the natural light exposure of your space to ensure that the chosen paint color’s undertones harmonize with the red brick. Paint colors like Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter, Edgecomb Gray, and Chelsea Gray can adapt well to various lighting, offering a flattering complement to red brick homes.

By carefully selecting the right shade of warm gray or greige, you can enhance the natural charm of red brick, creating a look that is both modern and inviting. These Benjamin Moore paints are excellent starting points for homeowners looking to achieve a balanced and aesthetically pleasing color scheme.

Classic Blacks and Versatile Whites with Red Brick

Black and white offer timeless elegance that can dramatically enhance the appeal of red brick homes. These classic colors serve as powerful tools for creating contrast and sophistication or for achieving a clean, fresh look.

Black: Bold and Modern Contrast

  • Sophistication with Black: Using black for accents, trim, or doors adds a modern edge to red brick exteriors. It creates a bold contrast that highlights the architectural features of the home.
  • Warm Black Shades: Opt for black shades that have a hint of warmth to avoid a harsh juxtaposition against the natural tones of red brick. Benjamin Moore’s “Black Panther” is a great example, offering a soft yet striking contrast.

White: Clean and Timeless Elegance

  • Fresh Look with White: White trim or accents can transform a red brick home, giving it a traditional and elegant feel. It provides a crisp, clean look that enhances the brick’s natural color.
  • Off-White Hues: To prevent a stark contrast, choose off-white hues with subtle undertones that complement the red brick. Benjamin Moore’s “White Dove” is a perfect choice, offering soft warmth that pairs beautifully with red brick.

Benjamin Moore Paint Examples

  1. Black Panther: A rich, warm black that offers sophistication and depth when used as trim or accent against red brick.
  2. White Dove: An off-white with a creamy undertone, ideal for creating a harmonious and fresh look with red brick exteriors.

The strategic use of black and white can significantly impact the overall aesthetic of a red brick home. Whether you’re aiming for a bold, modern look with black accents or a fresh, traditional feel with white trim, these colors provide versatile options for enhancing the beauty of red brick. Benjamin Moore’s “Black Panther” and “White Dove” are excellent choices for achieving these effects, offering the perfect balance of warmth and contrast to complement red brick exteriors.

Rich Blues for a Pop of Color Against Red Brick

Rich blues, including navy and royal blue, offer a stunning contrast to red brick, creating a dynamic and visually appealing combination. These colors add depth and vibrancy, making them perfect for both exterior and interior design enhancements.

Incorporating Blue Accents

  • Indoor Pop of Color: Inside, consider rich blue accents like throw pillows, curtains, or artwork to add vibrancy to rooms with red brick walls. These elements can introduce a modern twist to the space while maintaining harmony.
  • Outdoor Visual Interest: On the exterior, deep blue accents such as shutters, doors, or porch furniture can significantly enhance the curb appeal. They add a layer of sophistication and complement the warm tones of the brick.

Balancing Warm Tones with Blue

Rich blues not only introduce a pop of color but also help balance the warm tones of red brick, creating a more inviting atmosphere. This balance is key to achieving a cohesive and harmonious look, whether you’re decorating an interior space or enhancing your home’s facade.

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors in Rich Blues

  1. Hale Navy: A timeless, deep navy blue that offers elegance and depth, perfect for exterior trim or accents.
  2. Van Deusen Blue: A bold, rich blue with a slightly brighter tone, ideal for creating a statement piece or accent wall.

It’s important to remember that these examples are just a starting point. Benjamin Moore offers a wide range of blue shades that can complement red brick homes. For personalized advice, consider exploring more options from their collection or consulting with a professional color consultant.

Rich blues serve as a fantastic way to add depth and interest to red brick homes. Whether through interior decor or exterior accents, shades like Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy and Van Deusen Blue can transform the overall aesthetic, enhancing the home’s curb appeal and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Selecting Interior Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick

When it comes to choosing interior paint colors for spaces with red brick elements, selecting the right hues is key to creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. The warmth of red brick can be beautifully enhanced with carefully chosen colors, creating a cohesive look that flows from the exterior to the interior.

Warm Neutral Colors

  • Creating Coziness: Warm neutral colors like beige, cream, or light gray can mirror the warmth of the red brick, fostering a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  • Harmony and Balance: These hues offer a soft backdrop that allows the rich texture and color of the red brick to stand out without overwhelming the space.

Earthy Tones for a Pop of Color

  • Terracotta, Olive Green, Mustard Yellow: Earthy tones add a vibrant yet harmonious pop of color. They complement the natural tones in red brick, enhancing the overall warmth of the space.
  • Natural Harmony: These colors work well with red brick, creating a connection between the natural outdoor environment and the interior design.

Contrasting Colors for a Bold Look

  • Navy Blue, Forest Green: For a more modern and bold approach, contrasting colors like navy blue or forest green can offset the traditional feel of red brick, adding a contemporary flair to the space.
  • Modern Contrasts: This strategy is ideal for creating visual interest and drawing attention to the architectural features of the red brick.

Cohesive Flow Between Exterior and Interior

The right interior paint colors not only complement the red brick but also create a seamless transition from the exterior to the interior, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the home. By considering the tone and texture of the red brick, you can select colors that contribute to a cohesive and well-designed space.

In summary, whether opting for warm neutrals, earthy tones, or bold contrasting colors, the goal is to enhance the inherent beauty of the red brick while creating a comfortable and cohesive living environment.

Cozy Neutrals with Warm Undertones: Brown and Gray

Cozy neutrals like brown and gray are ideal for complementing the natural warmth of red brick, thanks to their warm undertones. These colors create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, balancing the boldness of red brick with a harmonious and sophisticated touch.

Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere

  • Warmth and Balance: Brown and gray shades with warm undertones can soften the strong character of red brick, making any space feel more inviting.
  • Sophistication and Modernity: Utilizing these neutrals as accent colors not only enhances the warmth of red brick but also adds a contemporary and refined flair to the color scheme.

Accentuating Natural Warmth

  • Brown Tones: Browns that lean towards rich, earthy, or even softer caramel can complement the red brick by echoing natural elements, fostering a cozy and grounded environment.
  • Gray Tones: Grays should not be stark or cold; instead, opt for grays with hints of beige or yellow undertones. These create a soft backdrop that complements the brick while maintaining a modern vibe.

Harmonious Transition Between Exterior and Interior

Using brown and gray tones in interior design ensures a seamless and harmonious transition from the red brick exterior to the interior walls. By choosing shades with warm undertones, you maintain a sense of coziness and enhance the earthy appeal of the brickwork, creating a cohesive look throughout the home.

Selecting the right shades of brown and gray can significantly impact the overall aesthetic, making spaces feel more harmonious, welcoming, and seamlessly connected to the natural beauty of red brick exteriors.

A close-up photo of a red brick wall with intertwined vines in sage green and royal blue flowers blooming against the weathered surface.

Contrasting Cool Hues for Depth: Sage Green and Blue

Pairing contrasting cool hues like sage green and blue with the warm tones of red brick can create a visually appealing and dynamic color scheme. These colors add depth and a calming effect, making them perfect for both exterior and interior design.

Sage Green: A Fresh Contrast

  • Depth and Interest: Sage green serves as a fresh and earthy contrast to red brick, enhancing the space with a sense of depth and natural elegance.
  • Harmonious Contrast: This muted green shade complements the red brick by introducing a cool, soothing element that balances the brick’s warmth, creating a visually interesting and cohesive look.

Blue: Calming and Cool

  • Cooling Effect: Shades of blue, from soft sky to deeper navy, offer a cool counterpoint to the warmth of red brick. This combination can transform a space, adding a serene and calming atmosphere.
  • Dynamic Color Scheme: Utilizing blue in the vicinity of red brick contributes to a dynamic and visually appealing scheme, adding a contemporary touch while keeping the space grounded and balanced.

Incorporating Cool Hues as Accents

  • Furniture, Artwork, and Accessories: Incorporating sage green or blue through furniture, artwork, or accessories is an effective way to introduce these contrasting hues. These elements can add depth and interest without overwhelming the natural beauty of red brick.
  • Focal Points and Accents: By using these cool hues as accent colors, you can create focal points in the room that draw the eye, enhancing the overall design while allowing the red brick to remain a prominent feature.

Combining cool hues like sage green and blue with red brick not only adds depth but also creates a balanced, harmonious environment. These colors work together to produce a visually appealing and inviting space, proving that contrasting elements can come together to enhance the overall aesthetic of a home.

Considering Other Exterior Elements: Siding, Trim, and More

When enhancing the exterior of red brick homes, it’s crucial to consider the colors of siding, trim, and other elements to achieve a cohesive and harmonious look. The right combination of colors can significantly enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Siding Colors to Complement Red Brick

  • Earthy Browns and Deep Greens: These colors naturally complement the warm tones of red brick, creating a grounded and cohesive exterior appearance.
  • Creamy Neutrals: Lighter, creamy neutrals can offer a soft contrast to red brick, brightening the exterior while maintaining a warm, inviting feel.

Trim Colors for Contrast

  • Crisp White: A classic choice, crisp white trim can provide a striking contrast against red brick, highlighting architectural details and enhancing the home’s overall aesthetic.
  • Dark Charcoal and Rich Navy Blue: For a more dramatic effect, dark charcoal or rich navy blue can serve as bold trim choices, adding depth and sophistication to the exterior.

Coordinating with Other Exterior Elements

  • Roof Color: Ensure the roof color harmonizes with both the red brick and the chosen siding and trim colors, creating a unified look.
  • Landscaping and Outdoor Fixtures: Consider the colors and styles of landscaping and outdoor fixtures. These should complement the home’s exterior palette and contribute to the overall visual appeal.

The Importance of Harmonization

While the focus may often be on selecting the perfect colors for the red brick itself, the harmonization of siding and trim colors with the brick and chosen accent hues is equally important. This approach ensures a balanced, aesthetically pleasing exterior that enhances the natural beauty of red brick and contributes to the home’s curb appeal.

In summary, carefully selecting siding and trim colors that complement the red brick while also considering the interplay with other exterior elements is key to achieving a beautifully coordinated look for your home.

Conclusion: Mastering the Art of Choosing Colors with Red Brick

Selecting the right colors to complement red brick, whether for the exterior or interior of your home, is an essential step toward creating a visually appealing and harmonious living space. Here are some final tips to guide you in making the perfect color choices for your red brick home.

Consider Your Home’s Style

  • Overall Aesthetic: The colors you choose should align with the overall style and aesthetic of your home, whether it’s traditional, modern, or eclectic. This ensures a cohesive look that enhances the architectural details and character of your home.

Experiment with Color Combinations

  • Exploration and Creativity: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different color combinations and shades. Sometimes, the most unexpected pairings can create the most striking and appealing results.
  • Sample and Test: Before making a final decision, consider testing colors on small sections of the exterior or interior to see how they complement the red brick in various lighting conditions.

Consider the Environment

  • Landscape and Surroundings: The surrounding landscape and architectural features of your home should influence your color choices. Colors that harmonize with the natural setting and your home’s design can enhance the overall appeal.
  • Architectural Harmony: Pay attention to the details and features of your home’s architecture when selecting colors. This ensures that your choices will not only complement the red brick but also highlight the unique elements of your home.

Embrace Confidence in Color Selection

  • Undertones and Complementary Shades: Understanding the importance of undertones in red brick and selecting complementary shades accordingly can significantly impact the aesthetic of your home.
  • Confidence in Experimentation: Encourage yourself to confidently experiment with different color palettes, keeping in mind the principles of harmony, contrast, and visual interest.

Final Thought

Embracing the beauty of red brick through thoughtful color selection can transform your home into a masterpiece of design and style. Consider these tips as your guide to navigating the colorful journey ahead. Remember, the perfect color scheme for your red brick home is out there, waiting to be discovered. Take this knowledge, experiment with confidence, and create a living space that truly reflects your vision and style.