Concrete contractor selection

Concrete contractor selection

It is true that you can save money by “doing it yourself,” but many times, you save more money in the long run by hiring a professional. After all, anyone can mix concrete but doing the installations is a different issue altogether.

There is also the question of responsibility. Will the insurance cover something if it’s installed by yourself? The contractor might not always be any better, but it’s good to have a contract and warrant at hand at those times.

If you have little time on your hands to do a project, hiring a repairman who is experienced and professional will give you the results you desire. It is worth the time it takes to do the research you need to get top value for your money, however. Here tips to help you in choosing your concrete contractor.

Know your project requirements

Before you begin calling different contractors, think of the projects you want to accomplish. Various contractors specialize in different construction areas. Decide on which kind of project you need and whether it is a foundation concrete for a garage floor, repairs for a patio, or new addition.

Consider if makes sense to do projects along with repairs that you have been putting on the back burner for a while when you hire a contractor. You might be able to make a reduction of the cost of projects if you have a contractor estimate all of them together.

If you have repairs you planned to fix yourself, you might as well ask him if he can do these additional projects as well. If your issue is structural damage, you may be able to avoid future costs as well.

Where to hunt professionals

Your best bet when looking for a professional contractor is by asking your family, friends, referrals, and neighbors. If your area contains similar homes, you will probably live next door to someone who has the same or similar issues. Gather some names before doing research.

Many companies, big or small, have websites and online sites that give you basic information. Online searches will conveniently give you the background and can yield some reviews that past clientele have had. If you are not able to find information on a company, it is not recommended that you hire them.

Concrete contractor selection process

Before you commit to a project, meet your contractor at your home where they can do an estimate and give an opinion about the issue involved. Select a professional who answers your inquiries himself.

Many times, contractors come from a previous job site so do not become apprehensive if they do not look as neat as you expect them to. The important thing to keep in mind is that you are comfortable with their estimate and will perform the task at hand.

Check photos of past jobs they have performed if available or if possible, go check previous places if you got references. Do not hire someone who does not want to do your vision but just their own. This is especially important for big projects. Referrals from other clients are important.

Decide on a contractor and sign a contract that includes the details of the project, the price estimation, and the procedural steps he will take to complete the project. Also include additional charges, construction timelines, and other details you want to be included. Keep a copy of records in the event of disputes.


Hiring outside help is always something that might get you little worried. The purpose of this guide is to have you prepared for the process so you can get the best help possible.

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